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I spend my days (and to be honest, many of my nights) thinking about what the teams that RallyBright supports need in order to perform at their best. What have I noticed most, these past few months, from my front-line view of how hundreds of teams are doing? What does it reveal about what leaders can do to lead better in 2021?

One of the strongest trends I’ve seen is that teams with a strong sense of purpose and clear values are not only surviving, but thriving. We often say that “Direction” — or having a shared vision, purpose and core set of behaviors — is the most important dimension to team resilience. What we’re seeing now reinforces this. We’ve seen this anecdotally with several customers whose executive management teams have made it clear that their values are integral to their success. In these cases, team resilience and engagement scores have risen across the board as these teams successfully weather the ongoing disruption with consistent financial performance. …


RallyBright - John Estafanous

@RallyBright, founder & ceo — helping business leaders and coaches build better teams — reformed agency exec.

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